Based on high-quality and low price, we try to gather those true valuable raw materials and the products that market requests as well as the service which fits the needs of our customers.

Health Foods

We sell 'Yamada green juice' and other products which can provide 
essential nutritional support for health and cosmetology to our modern life.

Selectable gift kits
For those who have taken good care of you and who is very important to you.
The bast saellers from Yamada Farm in Yamada original box.

Health apparatus

Aways focus on and gather new information and technology and sell those products favored our clients.

"SAKURA pocket" is now available for a limited time only!!
The characteristic of this bottle is gorgeous and stylish cherry blossom designed package.
PINK bottle limited edition, handy and easy to carry for women, has now appeared!

Medical apparatus and instruments: family unit
Massage  machine for home using

Health jiggling
Health jiggling  is a instrument to assist shaking legs(so-called jiggling) to denvelop lover limbs practicing. This is a new way for health from feet.
Health shaking(jiggling), instrument for health from feet and self-care.
It is compact and can be used at office as well as at home.
Pocket Pocket
simple, easily making fresh water hydrogen! Can carry the 'hydrogen bottle' [Pocket].
Malloon Malloon
bath water, washing, cleaning vegetables can also be used on Malloon! The hydrogen generator is widely used in various purposes.