Our business: Products line-up

Based on high-quality and low price, we try to gather those true valuable raw materials and the products that market requests as well as the service which fits the needs of our customers.

Health food

We sell 'Yamada green juice' and other products which can provide 
essential nutritional support for health and cosmetology to our modern life.

  • Aojiru30 (Green Vege Smoothie)
    1box with 30 bags
    90g(1 bag/3g)
    Using strictly selected barley leaves, matcha,argy wormwood, more soluble and easer to drink.

  • Collagen Jelly 20
    1 box/20 bottles
    240g(1 bottle/12g)
    Mixed with low molecule collagen 2000mg and shaped in strip with fresh grapefruits taste. 

  • Glucoloxin10
    1box/10bag with 10g(1bag/250mg*4 tablets)
    Mixed glucose amine in frankincense extract

  • Lutein10
    1box/10bag with 9g(1 capsule/450mg×2capsule)
    Using Marigold brand "FloraGLO" under careful cultivation. 2 capsules for 1 day can provide 150mg lutien.

  • Aojiru(Green Vege Smopothie)
    1box /90 bag with 270g(1bag/3g)
    Big package for 90 bags 

  • Collagen Jelly
    1box /60 sticks
    Big package for 60 sticks.

  • Glucoloxin
    1box/30bag with 30g(1bag/250mg*4 tablets)
    For those clients to continue.

  • Lutein
    1box/30bag with 27g(1 capsule/450mg×2capsule)
    For those clients to continue.

  • Low Molecular Hyaluronic Acid
    1box/30 bag with 22.5g(1bag/ 3 tablets *25mg)
    Blending with nano R of  low molecule hyaluronic acid for supple and shiny skin.

  • Royal jelly DX90000
    1box/90 capsule with 39.33g(1capsule/437mg)
    Blending with royal jelly(43 kinds of nutrients and a good proportion of mixed)and ginkgo biloba extract and garlic extract.

  • Astaxanthin
    1box/60 capsule with 27.9g(1 capsule/465mg)
    Three active ingredients, concentration of astaxanthin, coenzyme Q10, DHA

  • H-Placenta 30000
    1box/100 capsule with 43g(1capsule/430mg)
    Belong to the official confirmation of health food. 6 capsule in the mixture of placenta extract 30000mg.

  • Royal Propolis DX Super 5000
    1box/120 capsule with 39.6g(1capsule/330mg)
    Containing vitamins, minerals, etc., a high concentration of mixed with only the bees can make the natural ingredients. Use of Brazil's production of propolis.

  • Yamada live grian enzyme
    1 box / 60bags 45g( 1 bag for 750 mg
    Five kinds of grain has since ancient times been familiar to Japanese(barley, rice, black rice and azuki bean, black soya bean). Live lactic acid bacteria and enzymatic condensation are included.

  • Yamada mature enzyme
    1 box/750ml
    Easy to drink constantly with complement dietary fiber. Fermentation plant type, use of more than 80 Brazil enzyme ripened.

  • Asian Gineng
    27.1g(1 capsule with 452mg(1 capsule content 300mg)*60 capsules)
    In the nourishing and strong Korea ginseng, the use of the most content of the "raw ginseng".

  • Amino energy from Yamada
    10 in one box,300ml(1 for 30ml)
    Wounderful Combination for your daily healty and beautiful life!

  • Aojiru(Green Vege Smopothie)
    3 bag with 9g (1 bag/3g)
    Portable series. And try to use it.

  • Collagen Jelly
    2 bottles  24g(1 bottle/12g)
    Portable series. And try to use it.

  • Glucoloxin
    1 bags with 2g(1 bag/250mgX4 tablets)
    Portable series. And try to use it.

  • Lutein
    1 bag with 1.8g(1bag/450mg*2 capsules)
    Portable series. And try to use it.
Selectable gift kits
For those who have taken good care of you and who is very important to you.
The bast saellers from Yamada Farm in Yamada original box.

Health apparatus

Aways focus on and gather new information and technology and sell those products favored our clients.

"SAKURA pocket" is now available for a limited time only!!
The characteristic of this bottle is gorgeous and stylish cherry blossom designed package.
PINK bottle limited edition, handy and easy to carry for women, has now appeared!
  • Health jiggling
    Health jiggling
    Health jiggling  is a instrument to assist shaking legs(so-called jiggling) to denvelop lover limbs practicing. This is a new way for health from feet.
  • Pocket
    simple, easily making fresh water hydrogen! Can carry the 'hydrogen bottle' [Pocket].
  • Malloon
    bath water, washing, cleaning vegetables can also be used on Malloon! The hydrogen generator is widely used in various purposes.